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Private Chef

Why cook yourself dinner when it can be ready for you when you get home? I can cook dinner so that you can relax when you get home. I will take care of shopping, cooking and cleaning so that you don’t have to. 


My menus are unique approachable and made with the highest standards. They are unique and informed by my vast travels through Mexico and fermentation techniques that highlight ingredients and enhance flavours. I can also easily adapt the menu to your tastes and dietary preferences. 

Dinner parties, special occasions or the simple desire to have every meal planned and executed while in Baja. I can come to your place, or I can host you at my house in Todos Santos.


Cooking Classes

I can help enhance your stay in Baja with bespoke cooking classes. Whether there is a specific skill you would like to learn, a dish you would like to make, or if you just want to try something new. I can provide you with the skills and dishes to impress your friends and family or simply to cook for yourself at home.

I have traveled extensively through Mexico (including Oaxaca, the Yucatan Peninsula, Baja California, Mexico City and Guadalajara) intently studying the local cuisines and regional dishes. I also have broad knowledge of culinary traditions that can contribute to us cooking more unique dishes.  

Here are some ideas of what we can do, but feel free to get in touch if you have something specific in mind:

  • Wood-fired cooking class

  • Baja fish cooking class

  • Birria/Nixtamal

  • Baja Classics (The hits): fish tacos, aguachile, ceviche, etc. 

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