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I am available as a private chef to meet a wide variety of needs. Since leaving the restaurant business in 2015, I have been working as a private chef for families with a broad range of requirements and preferences. I have experience in both everyday meals and all sorts of different special events.


Whether you're having a dinner party, a special event or simply want someone to take of your meals at home in the short term, I would love to talk to you about working together. 


My menus are unique, approachable and made with the highest standards. They can also be easily adapted to your tastes and dietary preferences.



I have over 15 years experience running successful, highly-acclaimed restaurants. Recently, I have focused on consulting work for restaurants and private clients. Whether it's menu development, product sourcing, or staff training, I can help you raise the bar of your business. 


One of my greatest strengths lies in and helping establishments incorporate more plant-based and vegetable-focused elements into their menu. My talent for working with vegetables is particularly remarkable, approaching ingredients with care and intention to highlight all of their different expressions. This results in dishes that are unique and surprising as well as deeply familiar.   


I also excel at improving current kitchen systems: diagnosing problems and finding solutions to improve efficiency and effectiveness. I can help with both implementation and staff training to make sure that high standards can be maintained. 


I am proficient in the following areas:


  • Vegetable cookery and plant menus 

  • Whole animal butchery and cookery 

  • Menu and recipe development 

  • California style of cooking and procurement 

  • Staff mentoring and training 

  • Leadership 

  • Systems, procedures and standards 

  • Menu costing and analysis 

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